ARMX is the “education&hobby robot” product of ROBUT Technology. 

ARMX is a robotic platform on which kids can practice coding and algorithm generation skills. With ARMX, software is no longer intangible for first-time coders but they can see the physical output of their first software programs. Kids will conceive the importance and goal of coding with ARMX and also will see in action that coding serves some real-time purposes.

With ARMX, we aim to encourage kids to meet the robotics world as well as coding. For potential engineers of future, ARMX is the tool to exploit their first engineering skills.

ARMX will contribute to improve problem definition and solving skills of kids by pushing the limits for their imagination. On the other hand, ARMX will be the first step to help kids obtain electronics, software, mechanics, and design skills.

ARMX can be used not only by individuals but also can be used by schools, private education institutes, STEM laboratories, and Maker studios.


You would like to learn robotics and programming! You bought your first Arduino and started coding. But the only thing you see as the output of your first software program is the blinking led on Arduino! However you want more! 

Then ARMX is exactly what you need!

ARMX is the right robotic platform that you need in order to see the tangible output of your software programs. With ARMX, you can improve your coding and robotic skills and even you can program ARMX to be your personal assistant for small jobs.

You are indeed the limit to what you can actually achieve with your personal desktop robot ARMX! You can either use it as 3D printer to produce your own designs, or draw the logo of your favorite team to your wallet. ARMX can do it all for you within its reach area. 

This way, you can spend joyful time with ARMX while improving your robotic and coding skills. 

You can either purchase ARMX as assembled or purchase as disassembled and assemble it yourself!

Control Methods

ARMX can be controlled in 6 different ways. So, you can practice and improve yourself in all 6 methods by just using ARMX.

Technical Details

Technical Spec Value
Degree of Freedom 4 DOF
Payload 300 g
Reach 32 cm
Repeatibility 5 mm
Speed 160 mm/s
Communication TTL
Total Weight 990 g
Dimensions 122 x 215 x 270 mm




Alternative End-Effectors

It is possible to use ARMX for different purposes by just selecting the right end-effector.

armx-logo - kucuk

We continue with R&D and production works for ARMX. We plan to make ARMX ready for sale in Q3 2018.

Current production stage of ARMOBOT 50%

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